A summary of the calendar for the Swedish Year of light.

Title Description Start date End date Location Type
Presentation of the new municipal building “Kristallen” at Lund, and three research projects on light and lighting at Lund university. Event organised by Sydljus, http://www.sydljus.se/ 29/01/2015 29/01/2015 Lund Lectures and site visit
Indoor lighting for health and wellbeing 05/02/15 05/02/15 Lund Lectures and site visit
Photonics outreach breakfast Breakfast with presentation and experiments 05/02/15 05/02/15 Chalmers, Göteborg Small workshop for teachers
What is special about ELI? Europe on its way to build the Extreme Light Infrastructure Research seminar 12/02/15 12/02/15 Lund Laser Center, Lund Lecture
Rigmors Music Rocket Science center show 16/02/2015 16/02/2015 Vatten-hallen Science Center, Lund Show for families with young children
School holidays with light Science center program with many light experiments 16/02/2015 20/02/2015 Fenomenmagasinet, Linköping
Solar valve exhibit Inauguration of a department exhibit, for Gustav Dalén 19/02/2015 19/02/2015 Physics Centre, Chalmers and Göteborg university, Göteborg Department event
Var de’ ljus – “Let there be light” / Was it light Lecture series 17/02/2015 16/04/2015 Halmstad, Växjö, Lund Public lectures arranged by “Technology and science circle” at
Top of Arjeplog Lectures, at Vildmarksmässan 06/03/15 08/03/15 Stockholm Lectures and exhibits
Solar lab inauguration Presentation of research and facilities 27/02/2015 27/02/2015 Royal institute of Technology, Stockholm Lectures for researchers and general public
Astronomy at Vattenhallen Science centre, Workshop and lectures 07/03/15 08/03/15 Vattenhallen Science Center, Lund Workshop, presentations and science centre exhibits
Light at Maxlab Teacher workshop 10/03/15 10/03/15 Maxlab, Lund Site visit, presentations and workshop for teacher
Properties of light Teacher workshop 11/03/15 11/03/15 House of Science, Stockholm Teacher CPD
Making electrons cheaper with next generation photovoltaic materials Research seminar, Prashant V Kamat, 12/03/15 12/03/15 Lund Laser Center, Lund Lecture
Quantum show Science centre show: 17/03/2015 17/03/2015 Vatten-hallen Science Center, Lund
Nanophotonics and Nanomaterials for Energy and Healthcare OptoPub 18/03/2015 18/03/2015 Royal institute of Technology, Stockholm – Kista
Science Biennial Teacher conference 18/03/2015 19/03/2015 Linnæus University, Växjl Teacher CPD, lectures and workshop on light
Science Biennial Teacher conference 26/03/2015 27/03/2015 Stockholm university Workshop
Quantum show Science centre show: 01/04/15 01/04/15 Vattenhallen Science Center, Lund
Lights and lasers – applications in environment, ecology and medicine Sune Svanberg, lecture 08/04/15 08/04/15 Royal academy of science, Stocholm Public lecture
Light in the fight against cancer Lecture series 14/04/2015 15/04/2015 Halmstad, Växjö, Lund Public lectures arranged by “Technology and science circle” at Folkuniversitetet
Improving visualization through scattering media using structured illumination Research seminar Edouard Berrocal 12/02/15 12/02/15 Lund Laser Center, Lund Lecture
Science Biennial Teacher conference 28/04/2015 29/04/2015 Stockholm university Workshop
Quantum show Science centre show: 03/05/15 03/05/15 Vattenhallen Science Center, Lund
Light – inspiration for teachers Lectures and discussions 05/05/15 05/05/15 Upptech Science Center, Jönköping Inspiration day for teachers, arranged by the Royal Academy and Science and the National Agency for Education
Forum for light Lecture programme during Electricity Trade Fair. 05/05/15 07/05/15 Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre, Göteborg, Sweden Lectures of light-related topics
Photonics – light instead of electricity National public radio 18/05/2015 18/05/2015 National public radio “World of knowledge” program
Teacher Days at MAX Workshops, lectures and site visit 14/06/2015 16/06/0205 Maxlab, Lund Teacher CPD
The Milky way – our galaxy filled with stars and planets Teacher workshop 16/06/2015 16/06/2015 Vattenhallen Science Center, Lund Teacher CPD
Physics in Kungsträdgården Experiments and lectures, 05/09/15 05/09/15 Kungsträdgården, Stockholm Programme for the general public
Photonics outreach afternoon tea Workshop for teachers 17/09/2015 17/09/2015 Chalmers institute of technology Workshop for teachers
Culture night Experiments on light, outdoors, during Lund university event 19/09/2015 19/09/2015 Outside of Physics Department Programme for the general public
Controlling and probing atomic structures using strong laser fields and attosecond pulses, Johan Mauritsson Physics Department seminar 24/09/2015 24/09/2015 Physics Department, Lund university Department seminar
Lights in Alingsås City light event + conference programme, 25/09/2015 01/11/15 Alingsås Public event
Day of Chemistry School events 09/10/15 10/10/15 Several places in Sweden http://www.ikem.se/vi-arbetar-med_1/for-skolan-larare-och-elever/kemins-dag/om-kemins-dag
Science and Technology in Preschool Teacher CPD 14/10/2015 15/10/2015 Borås Conference, preschool teachers
Light in preschool Competition for preschool teachers sharing light-related activities, 15/09/2015 Borås Competition
Light in the service of mankind Jubilee symposium, arranged by the Royal Academy of Science 22/10/2015 23/10/2015 Lund Symposium, research presentations,
Optics and Photonics, Sweden Conference, Photonic Sweden 28/10/2015 29/10/2015 Stockholm Conference
Lights in Gustavianum Public lectures 28/11/2015 28/11/2015 Uppsala Lectures
Optopub Lecture 1: Cristina Pantaleone & Stephan Dymling, Clinical Laserthermia Systems: Optical Fibre Solutions for Laser Ablation of Tissue and imILT 08/12/15 08/12/15 Medicon Village, Lund
Lecture 2: Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, PhotonicSweden: The International Year of Light – Light Particles Heavily Impacting Our Lives
Winter Lights 2015– Happy places Light in the city, 11/11/15 05/01/16 Linköping City + guided tours
Lighting Visions: Light, Space and Nature Lectures, 09/12/15 09/12/15 Stockholm Conference event